LINK Up Illinois

The number of farmers markets in Illinois has grown to over 300 in recent years, making fresh, local, nutritious food more and more available. However, for many low-income communities, access to affordable, healthy, local food is extremely limited. LINK Up Illinois provides farmers markets with funding and support to make fresh food accessible and affordable for those using LINK by doubling the value of Federal Food Stamps, when used at participating farmers markets statewide.

LINK Up Illinois seeks to

  • Combat food deserts by increasing access and affordability of fresh, nutritious, local food;
  • Ensure the viability of local family farms through increased income;
  • Offer lasting health benefits to Illinois’ most at risk communities.

Participating Markets

The following Illinois Farmers Markets have been awarded LINK Up Illinois grants to implement Double Value Coupon Programs.


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LINK UP Illinois is a program of Experimental Station, in partnership with Wholesome Wave and the Illinois Farmers Market Network. Initial funding and support for LINK Up Illinois has been provided by Fresh Taste at the Chicago Community Foundation. If you would like more information, or would like to donate to LINK Up Illinois, please call the Experimental Station office at 773-241-6044.