Grants, Individual Donors and Foundation Support
November 2016 - December 2017

USDA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives (FINI) Program

$75,000 - $150,000
Anonymous Foundation
City of Chicago
The Chicago Community Trust
The Greer Foundation

$20,000 - $49,999
Anonymous Foundation
Clifford and LaVonne Graese Foundation
Leo S. Guthman Fund
Polk Bros. Foundation
Illinois Department of Agriculture

$10,000 - $19,999
Anonymous Foundation
Harper Court Arts Council
Logan Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous Donor
American Hospital Association
BMO Harris Bank
Helen Brach Foundation
Chapin May Foundation of Illinois
Charles Custer
Martin and Peggy Friedman
Janis Kanter and Tom McCormick
The McGraw Foundation
Andrea and Michael Mercuri
Northbrook Farmers Market Association
Florian Pfahler
Seabury Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous Foundation
Anonymous Donor
Big Star
Heiji and Brian Black
The Community Foundation for The National Capital Region
Chicago Cuttin’ Crew
Cut Cats Courier
Mary and John Douglas
Evanston Bicycle Club
Eileen Flynn and Thomas Inglis
Jody and Mark Furlong
Madelaine and Phil Gerbaulet-Vanasse
Major Taylor Cycling Club
Heart of Illinois United Way
Michelle and Glenn Holland
Jordana Joseph and Glen Saltzberg
Kasey Klipsch
Flora Lazar and Lee Greenhouse
Laura and Alain LeCoque
William Lochridge
Sonya Malunda and E. Charles Lampley
Gary Metzner
Emanuele and Gerhard Plaschka
Angie Smith and Ian Foster
Melissa Weber and Jay Dandy, The Orbit Fund
Young Presidents’ Organization

$500 - $999
The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
Laura Bradford
Rosellen Brown and Marvin Hoffman
Valerie Carberry and Richard Wright
David Carno
Chicago Cyclocross Corp.
Emmitt House
Mitchell Goldflies
Invisible Institute
Lashana Jackson and Faheem Majeed
Tina Knight
Susan and Jordan Koss
Julie-Marie Lemon and Heinrich Jaeger
Joan and Jeff Matthews
Gail and Andrew Marks
Regency Home Health Care
Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Lawrence and Sherian Washington Family Foundation

$100 - $499
Welugewe Aningo and Mulubwa Munkanta
John Barbieri
Mildred Barnes
Amy Bazelon
Sharon Bell
Aryeh Bernstein
Lynette Bertsche
Kristopher Brown
Michael Chong
Sean Compel
Corbett Compel
Steven Edwards
Deborah and David Epstein
James Evans
Sonia Fischer
Charles Fitzpatrick
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Nancy Gist
Helyn Goldenberg and Michael Alper
Jennifer Gordon
Prudence Gourguechon
Sandra and Jack Guthman
Alaina Harkness
Hensley Family Trust
Michelle Hensley
Brad Holland
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Gail Isenberg
Deone Jackman
Mea Konopasek
Susan and Michael Levine
Michelle Litvin
Rochelle and John Lodder
Victoria Long
Kerith Luchins
Sean Madden
Marc Manning
Alice and Jay Mulberry
Robert Nathan
Marta and Ralph Nicholas
Eleanor Nicholson
Nifty Package Company
Dan Peterman
Tracy and Nick Podesta
Eric Potash
Rita Reik
Harry Richter
Melinda Ring
William Rinkevich
John Rudnik
Sharon Rusk
Carol Saller
Lisa Samra
Aaron Schorsch
Barbara Searle
Jennifer Shanahan
Eric Shutt
Small Shop Cycles
Paola and Levi Smith
Connie Spreen
Gail Spreen, Streeterville Properties
Jessica Stockholder
Yuval Taylor
Eric Usner
Tad Verdun
Diana and Peter White
Steven Wiesenthal
You Are Special

$5 - $99
Anonymous Donor
Saba and Charles Ayman-Nolley
Felicia Carr
Monica Chadha
Deborah Daly
Daisy Delogu
Adeline Epstein
J. Michael Eugenio
Francesca Gaiba
Karan Goel
Calgary Haines-Trautman
Mary Herron
Maria Larkin
Fred Moten
Barbara O’Connor
Patrick Palmer
Alex Poltorak
Linda Poznansky
Marla Privitera
Alec Singer
Janet Scroggs
David Strong
Jasmine Swyningan
Raegan Tennant
Demetria Thomas
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation
Gavin and Marcy Van Horn
Tiffany Wang
Larry Wang
Marian Watson
Meghan Worrell
Charis Wuerffel