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"The Demonstration" Pop-Up Series, Hosted by Underground Equity


“The Demonstration” Pop-Up Series
Hosted by Underground Equity 
(Ayo Merch of Walking Canvas Brand and Rico Suave of Hooligan Brand USA) 
Friday, November 30th, 7-11PM

An Exhibition & Community
For Creative's by Creatives
To hone and display their talent
B2B & Direct to Consumer

The Demonstration is an anthology of creators with the shared goal of creating live incubators that discuss current trends and generate future staples. It will exhibit workshops, live demonstrations, and vendors featuring Underground Equity Artists - showcasing the core competencies of our member’s individual brands. Each Artist invited will act as a vendor or demonstrator with the autonomy to sell or create their merchandise live at our pop-up.

We believe that The Demonstration will not only provide members of our community to purchase the physical manifestations of our artistic expression, but to also invite them in to the artistic process as part of said expression. We want to eradicate the walls between the viewer and the creation. We believe that art should be a reflection of all of those who decide to engage in its various mediums. By hosting workshops and live demos we invite our viewers and consumers in to our progress. We hope that the exposure to our craft inspires other individuals to engage in their own artistic endeavors or to be a greater part of our own.

Underground Equity (UE) is a shadow organization whose brand exists in the actions of our artists.  We believe that through creative endeavors we can create an artistic synergy in our community through outreach and organic communication. We are a group of creatives that promote economic stability and mobility in the realm of artistic expression. We believe in providing resources to not only our current members, but those within our communities. UE, an organism built by artists for artists, hopes to create a space where the development and execution of ideas flows freely and artistic innovators can establish a network suited for socio-collaborative projects and joint ventures. 

Walking Canvas is the 1st of its kind, an Art Brand exhibiting ideas as Curated Clothing. We are not a lifestyle brand better more a lifestyle. A social experiment and social experience allowing you, the user to be the work of art.

For more information, contact Assistant Director, Matthew Searle at matthew (at) or 773.241.6044.

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