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"Environmental Concerns" Closing Event: “Chainsaw Lowering” Public Performance and Tasting with Erik Peterson and Angel Bat Dawid

Erik Peterson's 16' chainsaw sculpture has rested on our Big Room's window ledge for 7 years.

Erik Peterson's 16' chainsaw sculpture has rested on our Big Room's window ledge for 7 years.

“Chainsaw Lowering” Public Performance and Tasting with Erik Peterson
The Closing Event of the Environmental Concerns Project
Tuesday, 11/13, 6:00-7:30PM
Doors open at 6, event begins at 6:30

Erik Peterson's 16' double chainsaw sculpture has sat on a ledge in Experimental Station for 7 years. To close out Environmental Concerns project, we will lower the sculpture from its second story perch and have it permanently exit the building (hopefully via a Resource Center truck!). This will provide an opportunity to reflect on the stasis, atrophy, and renewal that exists within ecosystems - reflecting Experimental Station's history and the annual cycle of life within William Hill's green spaces. Before the chainsaw sculpture leaves, guests' senses will be engaged through sound, performances, tastings, and olfactory delights.

**UPDATE** WOW! Angel Bat Dawid will provide aural atmosphere and exit processional music for this event and then we will place the chainsaw sculpture on a Resource Center truck that will lift it high into the air with hydraulic power and then take it away.

This event is a part of our Environmental Concerns project taking place from September 26th-November 18th, which looks at local intersections between the natural world and social environments through exhibitions, installations, and public events.

Erik L. Peterson is a public artist, sculptor, and museum educator living and working in Chicago. He is best known for his large-scale urban interventions and neon installations (The Oasis, above, Seep, and Inner State), signature edible ice cream sculptures (CreamCycle and Soft Palate), and public performances camouflaged within urban spaces (Checks and Balances, Two Tow'n and Square Dance). His work often subtly redefines viewers' relationships to their own vision and understanding of how their bodies interact within ordinary spaces. His large-scale sculptures and performances encourage people to become active participants in the creation of their own public and civic spaces. Additionally, Peterson is a founder of Hyde Park Kunstverein, a community museum and solo project space in Chicago and Qeej Hero, a trans-cultural video game starring the Hmong wind instrument called the qeej

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American Traditional Music Composer, Improviser, Clarinetist, Pianist and Vinyl Addict...Sonic archaeologist gathering andexcavating soundz//music from space, the heavens, the ether and beyond. Restoring  peace, love and healing to the world using the most powerful tool imaginable --- OMINI-VERSAL SOUND. Music is a language, you see, a universal language.-Sun Ra
Instagram: @angeltheoracle
Facebook: Angel Bat Dawid