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"What's in a work? Small encounters around the meaning of labour with Artist-in-Residence Peggy Pierrot (Open Studio in the Experimental Station Kitchen)


Peggy Pierrot, Artist-in-Residence
Holds Open Studio in the Experimental Station Kitchen
As part of her residency «Untold stories - conversations between the dead and the living»

1. What's in a work?  Small encounters around the meaning of labour.
Tuesday 9/11 and Wednesday 9/12, 9AM-3PM

Our artist-in-residence, Peggy Pierrot, invites you to join for 5-20 minutes to engage in a recorded conversation about what means to be working for you.

She will process the recording afterwards and they will be a part of a booklet that she will published on the subject of what is work in 2018. Your contributions will be part of the Chicago chapter of that publication.

2. Metacognition, a mindmapping
Thursday 9/27, 9AM-3PM, and Friday 9/28, 12-8PM

Peggy will also be mapping her writing research called “Lost in the diaspora: serendipity of trauma memories” on the wall of the kitchen during this time. Feel free to drop by to question, contribute or engage in her process.

Both events are open to everyone who is a part of Experimental Station. The broader public may also visit by making an appointment with Peggy at

We will close Peggy’s residency by having a chat and a drink in the Experimental Station kitchen on Friday, 9/28 from 5:00-8:00PM. Artifacts from her time in Chicago, including “Metacognition, a mindmapping,” will be on display.

Visit Peggy's Chicago residency instagram and blog.

Peggy Pierrot - Untold Stories: Conversations Between the Dead and the Living
In residence: July 1st – September 30, 2018

French writer, activist, and trained in sociology, Peggy Pierrot considers journalism, publishing, writing, and radio as necessary tools to make audible the speeches of societies’ silenced groups and individuals. In addition to her work of research and re-reading of dominant history, she is also committed to working with communities.

As the next resident of Méthode Room in Chicago, Pierrot will be hosted by Hyde Park Art Centerand will collaborate with different institutions, including Experimental Station, Temporary Service Publishers, Dusable Museum of African-American History, and Expo Chicago. Through the exhibition of her own references, but also workshops, lectures, screenings, interviews, and radio programs, Peggy Pierrot will question and exhume histories from the black Atlantic, inviting local populations to participate actively in her research.

The Méthode Room is a program of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Chicago, and made possible thanks to the generous support of FACE in Chicago – a program of the FACE Foundation, and the France Chicago Center at the University of Chicago.

About the Méthode Room

Curated by Guillaume Désanges and organized by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Chicago in partnership with many cultural institutions, Méthode Room is an international residency program that fosters French-American collaborations through cultural and civic engagement in the South Side of Chicago.

Building upon 3 years of pilot residencies initiated in 2015 between Rebuild Foundationthe Cultural Service of the French Embassy in ChicagoExpo Chicago, and the Institut Français, Méthode Room is now a mobile residency. Each year, a French or Francophone artist is invited to stay in the South Side of Chicago for three months, each time in collaboration with different partners and institutions depending on the resident’s profile and project. The aim is to create an innovative platform for residency and production, deeply rooted in the richness and dynamism of the cultural ecosystem of the South Side, and more globally of Chicago.

After Xavier Wrona (2015), A People is Missing (2016), and Julien Creuzet (2017), the writer and activist Peggy Pierrot is the 2018 resident.

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