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Poncili Creación and Gaspare Nasuto - Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival Neighborhood Tour

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Chicago International Puppet Theater Neighborhood Tour
Sunday, January 27th, 11AM-1PM
Free! First-come, first serve. Doors open at 10:30AM.

The Beginning of Nothing
By Poncili Creación (Puerto Rico)

In this fantastical journey audiences witness the clash of two worlds unknown yet familiar, one luscious and beautiful, the other gloomy and scary. All actions in these worlds seem to have strong repercussions on the other. How can both worlds survive this terrible codependency? At times a metaphor for our current society or even for survival itself, The Beginning of Nothing is a visually stunning journey that makes its way down an impossible path with a breeze of hope, told in a dazzling spiral of color and dance.

Poncili Creación is an interactive sculpture collective based in Puerto Rico. Since 2012, they have worked with large scale sculptures they call “Objects. “Out of these Objects they generate audiovisual and performative content. Learn more

By Gaspare Nasuto (Italy)

From the traditional Italian Commedia dell’Arte comes the very original of the form, hand puppet trickster Pulicinella, who upon migration to England became known to English speakers as Punch. Impeccable timing and hysterical predicaments performed in a classic puppet booth, Pulicinella encounters a host of characters from Scaramouche to the crocodile.

Italy’s Gaspare Nasuto is one of the masters of this traditional form performing comic lazzi to the delight of all ages. Learn more.


Gaspare Nasuto is supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Chicago

These performances are part of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival Neighborhood Tour.

The 12-day, city-wide Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival showcases an entertaining and eclectic array of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets, Bunraku puppets, tiny toy puppets, and distinctive, innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival is a mission-driven program of Chicago-based theater company Blair Thomas & Co. Founded in 2002, Blair Thomas & Co. is recognized as an international contributor to contemporary puppetry and a creator of uniquely expressive spectacle theater.

Questions? Please contact Matthew Searle, Assistant Director, at matthew (at) or 773.241.6044.