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WHPK "Pictures and Sounds" featuring Norman Long, Angel Bat Dawid, Marvin Tate, and Jonathan Woods


WHPK “Pictures and Sounds”
Friday, March 8th, 6-9PM

WHPK’s long-running Pictures and Sounds showcase of experimental music combined with visuals comes to Experimental Station and features prominent artists from Chicago’s free jazz/improvised music scene.

Norman Long will perform a live mix of field recordings from Jackson Park, 63rd St. Beach, and just outside of Experimental Station, over which musician and performer, Cher Jay, will read excerpts from Ida B. Well’s “The Reason Why The Colored American is not in the World’s Columbian Exhibition.”

Angel Bat Dawid will bring her band, the Brothahood, featuring Adam Zanolini on bass, fellow Participatory Music Coalition regulars Norman Long on electronics and Xris Espinoza on reeds, Julian Otis on vocals, Isaiah Collier on drums, and Le Givens.

Marvin Tate will debut an original stop-motion animation of his relief sculptures set to his music, followed by his spoken word and anything else he wants to share with us.

Artist/filmmaker Jonathan Woods will live-mix film and video for each of the performances. The evening will culminate with a jam between each of the musicians and the audience to one of Jonathan’s films.

Marvin Tate’s relief sculpture, pre-animation!

Marvin Tate’s relief sculpture, pre-animation!

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