Repair Services

Let us help you with the wobbles, squeaks, and flats. We offer quality, affordable repair and tune-up services. Prices do not include parts.

Actual repair prices may vary. Bring the bike into Blackstone Bicycle Works for an estimate. If we discover that the repair will be $10 or more greater than the estimate, we will contact you before proceeding.

  • Basic Tune-up, includes brake, gear and hub adjustments $35

  • Full Tune-up, adjust brake, gears, hub and true wheels $65

  • Flat tire fix $10

  • Brake adjustment $10/wheel

  • Gear/Derailleur adjustment $10

  • Replace brake pads $5

  • Replace brake/derailleur cables $5

  • Seat or stem adjustment $5

  • Handlebar adjustment $5

  • Install chain $5

  • Install crank & pedals $20

  • Wheel alignment $5

  • Wheel truing $15-$20

  • Hub overhaul $15

  • Bottom Bracket overhaul $25

  • Bike assembly $75

Refurbished Bikes

We offer a broad array of styles and prices on tuned-up, cleaned, and safety-checked bikes! Prices start at $120 for adult bicycles, and go up depending on quality of the bike and the the labor and parts needed to refurbish it. Each kids bike is priced based on current market conditions, the cost of labor and new parts that went into the bike. Every Saturday we have a focused bike sale starting at 10am, but feel free to come in during our normal hours throughout the week.

All of our refurbished bikes are cleaned, spot-checked, tuned up, and given a safety inspection. We use high quality components appropriate to the given build. Please keep in mind our inventory is rebuilt from donated bicycles, and will change from week to week. 

All used bikes are sold as-is and all sales are final. However, in the event that a part goes faulty within 30 days, we will attempt to repair or replace it at no charge.

Used Parts

If you like to do-it-yourself, feel free to come and browse our aisle of used parts. We've got buckets of used saddles, bins of brakes, derailleurs, etc. Most used parts are between 5 and 15 dollars or, in the case of higher-end parts, the same as the going rate on EBay. Blackstone Bikes supports the biking community and is eager to share our knowledge. Feel free to ask us any questions about your project.

New Merchandise

We've got what you need to keep rolling safely. We seek a balance of price and quality on new bike gear that meets your basic needs. We won't try to sell you something you don't need, and we won't sell junk. Lights, locks, helmets, pumps, and other basic accessories.

  • Helmets: $20

  • Krypotine U-Locks: $42

  • Planet Bike Blinky Light Set: $15

  • Tire Patch Kits: $4

  • And much more!

If you are looking for any particular bike parts, accessories, or clothing, a manager will be happy to help you search our suppliers' catalogs. Custom orders generally arrive within one week.



Below you can find our current inventory. We're constantly producing more bikes and will update this page as they're completed or sold! This inventory was last updated on 12/6/2018. Please call or e-mail to confirm inventory or ask about new production!


Blackstone Bicycle Works is a program of the Experimental Station, a 501-c-3 charitable organization. All profits from sales and services along with tax deductible donations help build our youth program resources.