Robert and Louise Soucie have been growing flowers on 20 acres of their 300 plus acre farm since 2003. The farm is located about 20 miles south of Kankakee IL and about an hour south of Chicago. The Flower Garden produces over 60 different types of flowers. Although some potted flowers are grown for early season sales the main focus of the farm is high quality sustainably produced cut flowers. In keeping with Robert and Louise's tradition of environmentally responsible farming practices, The Flower Garden was recently certified as a sustainable producer by the international floriculture certification program MPS.

List one or two goals for 2016 for you and/or your business.

To Serve God’s People and raise beautiful flowers. Make a profit and pay off some debt. We did not do that last year because of the heavy rains in June. But hope springs eternal this year.

Briefly describe your background and current business philosophy/style and how that carries over to your product line.

To truly have sustainable agriculture, a farm must produce good food and/or good product on a long term biases without depleting the soil or polluting the environment.  At the flower garden we are trying to accomplish a system of farming that is biological sound. A system that works with natural laws and environmental practices. We are committed to having a successful biological farming system in harmony with nature.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one seed or item would you bring? Why?

Amaranth. Because it is beautiful, a protein source and it is a hardy grower.

What is your favorite childhood food memory?

Sitting in the pantry and eating blueberry pie!

What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

To many good ones to choose.

Your favorite comfort food.

Pad Thai with chicken

Your dream vacation spot.

anywhere relaxing with friends.

What you wish would change about food access or food systems in general in the world.

Teach people to grow types of nutritious food on the type of site that they live. put a heavy tax on junkie processed. food.