We at Tomato Mountain Farm aim to live, grow, and employ others sustainably. This commitment extends beyond our farm as we strive to share what we learn in the process with others. It makes for some pretty great produce, too. In 2004, we began producing our own line of homemade salsas, preserves, soups, and other jarred products such as pasta sauce and bloody mary mix. The truly unique combination of an organic farm dedicated to producing quality, delicious produce and a kitchen that processes and grows its own ingredients right at home has helped these products quickly come to represent the bulk of Tomato Mountain Farm's business.

List one or two goals for 2016 for you and/or your business.

We've been working to develop a solid base of "sustaining members" to our CSA program, and hope that we will continue to meet excellent future CSA members at the 61st street market!

Your favorite comfort food.


If you were stranded on a desert island, what one seed or item would you bring? Why?

Tomato seeds! Our tomatoes keep us busy all season long.

What you wish would change about food access or food systems in general in the world.

It's amazing to think that the percentage of food that is purchased from local producers is genuinely increasing; as that percentage goes up, so do health benefits and economic stability. When people are aware of the world that they live in, when they know where their food came from, who made their clothes, what forest produced their home's lumber, they are much more equipped to acknowledge their place in society and use themselves as an amplifier for greater fairness. Food is just the most obvious of these everyday transactions that needs much light shed on it. We can actually change the world, bit by bit.

Any go-to recipe you would like to share?

Carrot ribbons: just use your vegetable peeler to shave your carrots down into "noodles," which can be used in almost any recipe.