The mission of Urban Canopy is to grow more of our food right here in the city in a sustainable way that (a) reduces the many miles fresh food travels to get to our plates; (b) creates local jobs; (c) enhances our communities. The Urban Canopy’s vision is to show how rooftop farming can be a vital part of the urban agriculture movement to create a sustainable and equitable food system.

List one or two goals for 2016 for you and/or your business.

Increase Compost Club and LUCSA members, participate in more FM's, hire more people

Briefly describe your background and current business philosophy/style and how that carries over to your product line.

The Urban Canopy is a small farm with a big vision to help create a sustainable and equitable food cycle in Chicago. We do this by providing products & services that help connect the dots in an otherwise linear food system, effectively enabling a local food cycle.
This means that we:
  1. grow local food both indoor and outdoors;
  2. sell to local grocers, restaurants, juice bars, farmers market-goers,
      food processors, and home delivery customers;
  3. and provide a city-wide food scrap collection service.
So ultimately our products & services ensure that local nutrients cycle through in a way that provides all parts of the city with access to healthy food, greatly reduces food waste, replenishes our soil with local compost, and keeps local food dollars local.


Your favorite comfort food.



Your dream vacation spot.

Turks and Caicos


What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

River Valley Ranch Kitchens


What you wish would change about food access or food systems in general in the world.

Equal access to all those in need.


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Any go-to recipe you would like to share?