Bot Bakery (Bi-weekly Vendor)

Chicago, IL

Bot Bakery is an exciting new collection of organic gluten-free baked goods and meals for people avoiding animal products or casein, gluten and other allergens. Everything is healthy, delicious, and fun to eat.

Products: Vegan Gluten Free Baked Goods, Waffle Sticks, Farinata Tofu Sandwiches

build coffee

Chicago, IL

Experimental Station's own Build Coffee steps outdoors as well to join us for the outdoor market. They serve cold-brewed iced coffee, agua fresca, and a variety of breads from Publican including but not limited to Ciabatta, Rye, and Honey-Oat Porridge. 

Products: Coffee, Bread

eden place farm

Chicago, IL

Eden Place Farms produce is grown in hoop houses and raised beds on properties owned and controlled by FPCD, as well as twenty-five city lots in Fuller Park that have been converted to urban agriculture use.
Every dollar invested in Eden Place Farms supports our agricultural training program in Fuller Park.

Products: Vegetables, Microgreens


Ellis family farms

Benton Harbor, MI

From the conception of a dream through all the stages of growth our farm strives to bring you the best of our harvest. Ellis Family Farms is verified in MAEAP for all fruits produced and Animal Welfare Approved for our laying flock. MAEAP stands for Michigan’s Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program and certifies environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. Sustainable Agriculture is more in tune with my great-grandfather’s ideals and many farmers of that era. You take care of the land because it in turn takes care of you.

Products: Fruits and Vegetables


faith's farm

Bonfield, IL

Dedicated to raising heritage and endangered livestock. Preserving tradition and quality through consumption and revitalizing these wonderful old breeds. All our livestock is raised the old fashion way: on free-range pasture that is not chemically treated. We follow organic and humanely raised practices.Dedicated to raising heritage and endangered livestock. Preserving tradition and quality through consumption and revitalizing these wonderful old breeds. All our livestock is raised the old fashion way: on free-range pasture that is not chemically treated. We follow organic and humanely raised practices.

Products: Pork, Beef, Eggs, Soap, Lotion, Lip Balms and Body Products


Monee, IL

At Gorman Farm Fresh Produce, we provide our neighbors and surrounding communities with a local alternative to mass produced food.  Our farm has been a part of the agricultural economy in Monee since 1849.  We are dedicated and guided by the principals of good agricultural practices (GAP) for growing and producing without compromising or disrupting the environment for OUR future generations.

Products: Vegetable, Herbs



Chicago, IL

A casual Italian Dining and Deli experience from the owners of Osteria Langhe Italian restaurant. Langhe Market brings their wood fired oven to 61st Street to cook up delicious artisinal pizzas using fresh ingredients from local farms.



Products: Wood-Fired Pizzas


Chicago, IL

As a micro bakery, Marabell’s is committed to baking delicious sweets and savories for the local Hyde Park community. Some of my best sellers are shortbread, chocolate and savory scones, and cinnamon rolls. Marabell’s Sweets and Savories is a labor of love combining three essential ingredients of my life: my love of baking, my appreciation and gratitude for my mother (Marabell) who taught me how to cook and bake, and my love of butter.

Products: Scones, Shortbreads, Cobbler, Biscotti, Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls

Mick klug

St. Joseph, MI

Mick Klug Farm focuses on providing sustainably farmed, hand-harvested, quality fresh fruit and vegetables to local and Chicago-based Farmers Markets, restaurants, breweries and fresh produce retailers. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and promoting locally grown produce, and Mick Klug Farm is MAEAP Environmentally verified for our cropping and farmstead systems. 

Products: Fruit and Vegetables, Apple Cider


Mint Creek Farm

Stelle, IL

Mint Creek Farm is owned and operated by Harry and Gwen Carr with the help of their two children. The Carrs started with 50 acres in 1992 and have grown to 220 Certified-Organic acres. Who would have guessed that a combination so simple as sheep on grass could help with global warming? Grasses and legumes naturally process and fix carbon in the soil. Rotationally grazing perennial pasture is actually one of the best carbon-dioxide-absorbing natural systems there is— even better than planting trees, because the forage plants are kept in their vegetative state by the regular grazing of livestock. Raising sheep and laying hens was originally part of the Carrs’ plan to enliven and enrich the natural ecosystems in their area that have been so depleted by modern mainstream agricultural practices. They now employee ten people in the farm’s endeavors and raise sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and various poultry, as well. Mint Creek meat and eggs are available to order online and ship, or pickup at your local farmers’ market or co-op in the Chicago area.

Products: Meat and eggs

Pleasant House BAKERY

Chicago, IL

Pleasant House Bakery opened in 2011, offering a distinctive British-inspired, locally sourced menu, with Royal Pies™—our signature award-winning, savory meat and vegetarian pies—as the centerpiece. 

Products: Royal Pies

Quarter mile sauce

Chicago, IL

Our company, JDKKBK, INC. takes pride in producing a high quality, complimentary condiment to any type of food.  Our basic recipe is made from all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives and low sodium content. From the planting and harvesting of a variety of habanero peppers, to the making of the sauce and the careful process of fermenting the finished product, this family takes pride in producing a product that is sure to please the hot pepper connoisseurs.  Our Peppers and Herbs are organically grown without fertilizers or pesticides, locally in Chicago and Pembroke, IL.   Our family's special hot sauce recipe is made with lots of TLC!

Products: Our basic sauces are the "hot" and "medium hot" flavors, and for limited times we have a small supply of a "mild flavor".


SenTEAmental Moods

Chicago, IL

We love tea! Green, black, white, oolong teas, herbals, you name it. Having a daily "tea time" is a great way to bond with friends, or better yet, to lessen stress. We don't think having tea should be complicated, but rather fun and simple. A healthy cup of freshly brewed tea can, and should, be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. SenTEAmental Moods was started in 2007 by Southside resident Lori Watts Branch after struggling to find sustainable tea blends that were both delicious and fun. She develops blends from seasonal foods and smells - flowers of spring, berries of summer, spices of autumn and vanilla & mints of winter. SenTEAmental teas has a mission to give you a wonderful variety of high quality tea blends. To accomplish this, we start by importing tea leaves that come from suppliers with excellent track records of fair treatment for all workers. Then, having forged a successful collaboration with local growers we hand cut produce to create tasteful blends that include freshly dehydrated herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. All of our quality teas are handcrafted locally in small batches.

Products: Dried teas and herbal blends

Sitka Salmon

Sitka Salmon Shares had an unlikely start as a project of the Sitka Conservation Society and a Knox College student fundraiser.  Six years later, we continue to be committed to our founding core values of sustainability and social justice.  As the leading fisherman-owned and fully-integrated Community Supported Fishery (CSF), we provide fish-loving Midwesterners the absolute best in line-caught wild Alaskan seafood.  Our fish are caught individually using generation's old low-impact methods before being bled, dressed, and iced aboard our vessels.  On shore, our harvests are custom-processed with a laser focus on quality and complete traceability.  As owners, our fishermen retain about 20 percent more of the final retail value of their harvest and are provided with the financial flexibility to operate effectively in a responsible small seasonal enterprise.  As CSF members and market customers, our Midwestern "Salmonsharesians" join a community of artisan fishers, healthy eaters, foodies, and Alaskan adventurers in a collective effort to rebuild America’s seafood system from the ground up.

Stamper Cheese Company

Chicago, IL

Representing a handful of artisan cheese makers in southwestern Wisconsin exclusively at the Chicago Farmers Markets. Stamper Cheese can be found at various markets in Chicagoland most from mid-May through late October. Cheese curds, parmesan, aged cheddar, fresh herb jacks, the best mozzarella string cheese on the planet, fresh mozzarella: WE GOT IT.

Products: Cheese


sTar farm

Chicago, IL

Star Farm Chicago is an urban farm in the Back of the Yards neighborhood that seeks to increase accessibility and affordability of locally grown organic produce through our mobile farm stand, farmers markets, and by providing local jobs, job training, and business incubation for adults with developmental disabilities and employment barriers, engaging youth through our Children’s Community Garden Program, hosting community events, and fostering a safe, green space for all.

The flower garden

St. Anne, IL

Fresh cut flowers for Chicagoland Farmers markets!

Products: Seasonal Cut Flowers, Potted Bulbs and Herbs


The Flower Garden

The Urban Canopy

Chicago, IL

The mission of Urban Canopy is to grow more of our food right here in the city in a sustainable way that (a) reduces the many miles fresh food travels to get to our plates; (b) creates local jobs; (c) enhances our communities. The Urban Canopy’s vision is to show how rooftop farming can be a vital part of the urban agriculture movement to create a sustainable and equitable food system.

Products: Vegetables




Tomato Mountain Farm

Brooklyn, WI

We at Tomato Mountain Farm aim to live, grow, and employ others sustainably. This commitment extends beyond our farm as we strive to share what we learn in the process with others. It makes for some pretty great produce, too. In 2004, we began producing our own line of homemade salsas, preserves, soups, and other jarred products such as pasta sauce and bloody mary mix. The truly unique combination of an organic farm dedicated to producing quality, delicious produce and a kitchen that processes and grows its own ingredients right at home has helped these products quickly come to represent the bulk of Tomato Mountain Farm's business.

Products: Vegetables, salsas, preserves

urban grower's collective

Chicago, IL

Urban Growers Collective (UGC) was founded  by Laurell Sims and Erika Allen in the fall of 2017. Our approach is to demonstrate and support communities in developing community-based food systems where food is grown, prepared, and distributed within their home communities. We operate seven urban farms on 11-acres of land predominately located on Chicago’s south-side. These farms are production oriented with staff integrating education, training, and production to meet program goals. Each farm site ‘demonstrates’ the capacity for both large volumes of production and the ecological and social impacts of farming in society.

Products: Vegetables, Herbs, Honey

van laar's fruit farm

Capron, IL

In 2004 the Van Laar family moved from the Chicago suburb of Lisle, IL, to the rural town of Capron, IL, located in the county of Boone.  We moved for the purpose of beginning a family fruit farm. The farm was formed with the vision of some day being able to pass a sustainable practice down to the next generation strive each day to be good stewards of the many blessings of the resources we have been given. 

Products: Whole Wheat Flour, 11+ Varieties of Sourdough Breads, Apple Cider, Apple Cider Doughnuts


Yoberri Gourmet

Chicago, IL

We offer ice cream and frozen yogurt handmade with love right here in Chicago. We source organic produce from local farmers to use in our seasonal flavors. Try strawberry balsamic in the spring, blueberry lavender in the summer, pumpkin spice in the fall, and sweet potato brown sugar or peppermint in the winter.

Products: Ice Cream, Cold Pressed Juices